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About jonathan

My name's Jonathan Eddie and I live and work in St Albans. I'm a qualified integrative counsellor and a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

I offer individual and couples counselling in central St Albans and online.
Integrative therapy draws on various different theories and techniques. It offers flexibility and open-mindedness, and acknowledges that no single therapy model fits every client or issue.

My approach has a positive therapeutic relationship at its core. I want my clients to feel safe, cared-for and heard. I'll help them explore their life experiences - to identify what's made them the way that they are - and guide them towards discovering that change really is possible. We'll look at how they relate to others and what coping strategies are available to better manage the challenges they face.

I have a particular interest in couples therapy, which is a hugely valuable resource for those facing relationship challenges. Couples therapy focuses on addressing and resolving issues within partnerships. It provides a structured and supportive environment to work through difficulties, improve communication and strengthen bonds.
Prior to qualifying as a therapist, I spent many years working as a professional musician. During that time I saw numerous colleagues suffer with the kind of issues that counselling really can help with - anxiety, depression, relationship issues, estrangement, anger, jealousy, low self-esteem, bereavement, addiction, to name but a few. It was this that inspired me to revisit my passion for psychology and to learn how I might help.

Please get in touch to discover how counselling can be a transformative experience for you.

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How does counselling begin?

It starts with a phone call, an email or a contact form enquiry. I’ll then offer a free no obligation phone or video conversation where we can begin to get to know each other and I can answer your most pressing questions. If you’d like to proceed, we’ll then schedule a first session, either at my counselling room in central St Albans, or online.

The initial session is an opportunity for you to discover if counselling is the right path for you, and to decide whether you’d like to work with me. I’ll listen to what brought you to counselling and will ask some questions about your background and how your difficulties are affecting you in the present. If you’d then like to continue, we’ll look at setting up regular, weekly sessions.



I offer daytime, evening and weekend sessions.

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